What makes a good political leader?

Many good political characters are not all good leaders, and the combination to make the two mutually exclusive is something that the world needs. Being a good leader doesn’t mean looking ahead to the potential for reelection. They instead need to focus on the country as a whole.

Good leaders can be counted on to do what is right, even if it is across party lines, to support the greatest number of people. By making decisions for the good of the country as a whole, good leaders stand out among the group of mostly party centered politicians.

However, most of the great leaders don’t want to be leaders or even see themselves as leaders at all. Other people have to push the position upon them, the greatest leaders don’t look at a country or a situation and say “I could do that better” but instead have others look at them and say “I bet you could do it better.”

What makes a good leader

Good political leaders have these qualities: First, they are loyal and integral, always standing by their orders and decisions even when people don’t agree. They also need to focus on compromise and reaching across party lines to help the greatest number of people. Having a strong character and being able to stand above political mudslinging and dirty tactics is also integral.

But most of all, they need to be able to say what needs to be said and think about the long-term success of the country or state that they are the leader of. So, when all the compromise is done, the leader can make and stand by their decision.

A skill that most leaders, not just political ones, need to have is the ability to take responsibility for both the good and the bad. They need to accept their role in any problems and tell the truth to the people they serve. When a leader is accountable and honest, then they often stay in office longer than the ones who are proven to be liars.

Prove why a leader is worth following

Leaders aren’t much without their followers, and in order to gain followers from every walk of life or political demographic, they need to show why they should be followed. Leaders like Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington didn’t just talk, they planned, they understood, and they kicked of great social change.

Then they stood behind their ideas when public opinion was against them and left a legacy that more combative leaders can’t hope to overcome. The only true way to match their legacy is to be a loyal, kind, and forward-thinking leader who tries to compromise and stands by his or her mistakes.

It sounds impossible, but those people do exist, and it’s up to the rest of the world to recognize them and encourage them to get up and start showing the world that they can do it better, and show the world what it can truly be.