GOP Presidential Candidate Congressman Ron Paul, US Media Whores Seeking to Squelch His Message
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Congressman Ron Paul, an anti-War Republican, a man objecting to all unconstitutional workings of Government has the US Media Whores kicking into overdrive as they seek to squelch his anti-Empire (American), pro Liberty message.

This is a page that will list links to Dr. Paul.

The MSNBC Debate with ten Candidates in the Reagan Library proved Paul to be a favorite through the Internet polling that MSNBC did, taking a person's IP address to vote, prohibiting multiples votes by one person. I myself checked this and found it to be true. Only one vote per IP Address. I have 3 browsers on my computer, and once I voted, I could not open another browser to vote again, as I was delighted to discover, the poll was using the IP address, and therefore opening other browsers and seeking to "vote" again would not work, the page would load an deliver a "thanks for voting" message.

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Watch Dr. Paul highlights in the debate below:

Ron Paul in the MSNBC Debate, Winner by vote of the People

John McLaughlin: "Best Performance by Ron Paul"

McLaughlin: Ron Paul Wins
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